WELLadjusted Chriopractic Wellness Center Lexington KY

We believe every body benefits from being WELLadjusted.

It is our mission to educate and empower individuals to not only feel better, but to live better. We focus on addressing the health of the nervous system—the core of your body. Optimal wellness is not just about adjusting the spine, it’s about adjusting your overall health—how you move, how you eat, how you think.


We offer hope and care to those living with aches, pains or health challenges. We bust the myth that one must ‘just deal with the pain’ by creating an adjustment treatment plan and identifying other opportunities for relief.


Adjusting your body for optimal health is what we do. By arming you with solid information and a comprehensive plan, we help you restore range of motion, get moving again and attain a healthier body so you can start living the life you want.


Life is stressful, your health shouldn’t be. Your overall health and wellness is a direct reflection of how your body and nervous system adapt to physical, chemical and emotional stress.

Dr. Thomas is amazing! I have recommended him to many of my friends in town, and I would recommend him to whoever reads this. He's not just a chiropractor — he is my health, fitness, and wellness coach.

— Tony P.

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