WELLadjusted Chriopractic Wellness Center Methodology

Our comprehensive approach to wellness is built upon a solid foundation.

Our Approach

Your nervous system controls every process and function in your body. If the nervous system is free of interference, then all is well and you’re healthy. However, if there is interference in the nervous system, your health is compromised and your body cannot effectively handle physical, chemical, and emotional stress. This is why it is critical to incorporate chiropractic into your wellness lifestyle.


You can exercise, eat a healthy diet and have strong emotional health, but if your nervous system is not functioning at its optimal level, you will not reap the maximum benefits of your healthy lifestyle. However, the reverse is also true—the positive impact of chiropractic care may be decreased if you are not managing the physical, chemical and emotional stress. Healthy lifestyle choices and chiropractic care work in tandem to keep your body functioning at maximum capacity!

Our Treatment Process

First Visit

The first visit with Dr. Williams is a detailed consultation and examination that explores your current health challenges and goals to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.


Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Williams will provide you with a comprehensive overview of his findings, including the underlying causes impacting your health, as well as a detailed treatment plan.



The frequency and duration of your care will be determined by your treatment plan. Treatment appointments are brief—usually no longer than 15 minutes—and your wait to be seen is impressively short. We respect your time!



We monitor your progress closely and conduct re-examinations within 4-6 weeks of starting treatment. The re-examinations provide Dr. Williams with information to ensure treatment is on track and to make any necessary changes to your treatment plan. This also provides an opportunity for you and Dr. Williams to revisit your health goals.

Our Technology

Space Foundation Certification

We utilize a sophisticated, highly-sensitive scanning system to determine the amount of tension on the spine and nervous system that affects your body’s ability to adapt to stress. We are extremely proud to offer this technology to our patients. Initially developed for astronauts, InSight has been certified by the Space Foundation and is proven to be a reliable, scientifically-valid and comprehensive approach to assessing tension in the nervous system. This advanced, cutting-edge technology allows Dr. Williams to accurately analyze your health and effectively communicate findings through a qualitative visual report.

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