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Springing To New Life

Healthy patients are happy patients! Our referral rate demonstrates that WELLadjusted patients are healthy + happy.  We’re proud that 90% of our new patients come from referrals from current patients! Here’s what some of our patients have to say:

It's the little things like being able to bend over to pull your socks on that make you truly appreciate a great chiropractor. Dr. Thomas Williams doesn't just want to crack your back. He takes into account all aspects of your total well-being including diet, lifestyle, and of course physical structural concerns. I was adamant about not seeing a chiropractor for years, and now I can't imagine not going. He has truly changed my life!

— Stephanie B.

Dr. Thomas is amazing! I have recommended him to many of my friends in town, and I would recommend him to whoever reads this. He's not just a chiropractor — he is my ‘health, fitness, and wellness coach.’

— Tony P.

This place is a hidden gem. Dr. Williams is incredibly smart and skilled in chiropractic work. He's also passionate about holistic wellness, and genuinely cares for and treats each patient on an individual basis. I even trust my kids with him. I've been to dozens of chiropractors, and Dr. Williams is the very best around.

– Nate F.

Well Adjusted is a fantastic holistic wellness center! Dr. Williams and his team are knowledgeable, kind and efficient. The office is comfortable and comforting. Above all, Dr. Williams does thorough examinations before determining a course of treatment and follows up with discussions that clearly explain what is going on and what needs to be done to correct any issues. My husband, my 9-year-old son and I have been patients for around three years and Doctor Williams has not only addressed our chiropractic issues, but also inspired and educated us concerning nutrition, exercise, vitamins and stress as well. Through our efforts and his invaluable expertise and counsel, each of us has lost weight, my husband has dropped 4 medications for diabetes and cholesterol, and my son has the flexibility and stability in his hips to run with his friends. WELLadjusted....that really does say it all!

— Ladronda C.

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