WELLadjusted Chriopractic Wellness Center Kalish Method Trained Functional Medicin Practicioner

Adjust Your Outlook

Life is stressful, your health shouldn’t be. Your overall health and wellness is a direct reflection of how your body and nervous system adapt to physical, chemical and emotional stress. We reduce that stress with chiropractic adjustments that remove interference from the nervous system and incorporate a variety of additional strategies that balance chemical and emotional stress such as:

  • Lifestyle Coaching / Advice
  • Corrective Exercises / Strength Training
  • Nutritional Counseling / Nutritional Supplement Programs
  • Cleanse and Detox Programs
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Hormone Testing


Dr. Williams is a Kalish Method-trained Functional Medicine Practitioner. The Kalish Method is a lab-based health approach that focuses on five common areas (weight, fatigue, depression, hormones and digestion) through restoring the three main body systems. Click here to learn more about the Kalish Method functional medicine approach.

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